The E.L.F.E.N. Project
(Elemental Life Form Encounters in Nature)

This Web site addresses the world of elves, gnomes, fairies and other little people from the perspectives of a respected University scientist and research team based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Background on this study, important conclusions and many findings are included on the site. This North American project primarily studies encounter experiences of people with nature elementals and is the most modern information source on the subject. A questionnaire is available for new contributions.

Have you....?

met a "little person" no higher than your knee, on a quiet wooded trail?
had a tree speak to you when you were alone?
ever wondered if such things really happen today?
And if so, what do they mean?

That’s what we investigate.
And we do it in a serious and confidential way.

"The world is not only stranger than we suppose; it is stranger than we can suppose."
— J.B.S. Haldane, British biochemist